UND Sophomore gains experience

Author: Maria Dahn

Brooke Rodriguez

Brooke Rodriguez is an undergraduate student in the Class of 2024 at the University of Notre Dame pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with a concentration in Life Sciences. She is a member of the Glynn Family Honors Program and a Trustey Family Scholar. In the Fall of 2021, Brooke began working with the REDI-NET mathematical modeling team led by Alex Perkins and has helped develop and maintain the country hazard reports and epidemiological human case data that feeds into the risk models.

Water Sample Collection


However, in January 2022 while on a break between semesters, Brooke seized the unique opportunity to travel to one of the REDI-NET field sites and work side-by-side with scientists from the Navy Entomology Center of Excellence to collect tick, leech, water, and soil samples that will feed into the models she is helping to develop for the REDI-NET.