REDI-NET SOPs available on

Author: Marla Magaña Cansino

The Remote Emerging Disease Intelligence-NETwork (REDI-NET) Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for environmental and invertebrate surveillance, storage, processing, testing, and shipping have been made available through—an open-access repository of step-by-step, detailed protocols and methods for researchers across multiple disciplines. These SOPs have been beta-tested and optimized by REDI-NET Consortium members.




As a collaborative network of domestic and international partners, the REDI-NET seeks to increase collaboration and knowledge sharing with other researchers and scientists who may engage in active surveillance, testing, and processing. With REDI-NET protocols publicly shared through, authors and users will maintain the continuous process of iteration and refinement, with open doors for constructive feedback from consortium and non-consortium members.

Thank you to all REDI-NET Consortium members who worked to optimize and make REDI-NET SOPs remotely and publicly available to potential users through